Enter The Madness

by yugal

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


yugal Brittany, France

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Track Name: Yugal - Mindless Fool
Vision of the sun makes me high
Without clouds, sheep doesn't fly
On shyness he drops all his fears
His hopes, his will of disappear
To cry, to run, to hide
Ask the sky if the sun slides
Moon shadow is like a cobweb on a tree :
Unavailable for me

Draw me an uncolored sheep
Don't loose your relationship
You need them to reach the light
To go further and win the fight
Draw me an uncolored sheep
Come to my infamous trip
You become a mindless fool
Like a mechanic without tools

Show me the way
To true knowledge
Careless is my daily
I have nothing to pledge
My control tower is on fire
There's not enough time to exist
Why do you talk like a former soldier ?
You have to be realistic


Weak people are weaker than ever
Every week there searching for a father
Which will lead them into graves
I wish to be your slave
Daddy should be proud of it
Only one thinker for all spirits
Raise your hands, brother, trust in me
Prepare your legs to run away

Here we are
I still posses the crown
Fuck you vermin
I'm the king

Track Name: Yugal - Free Jail
Sometimes I think he is my twin
But I can't prove it
Always sit on my back
He is my fear and my pride
The way he is moving is sadly insane
And when I look at him he looks like the same
But together we are powerful
We are fond of love but less than hate

(Who am I, who am I)
Where is my reason
I cannot see anything with this vision
(Can't block can't stop)
That i'm living for
Prepared for war and terror
(Who am I, who am I)
What is my mission
I shouldn't live to kill every nation
(Can't block can't stop)
To wash my brain
I want to escape the free jail

If there is a lack
Of vision or notion of reason
My privacy and my identity are rapped
As well as myself
This man sit there tries to keep
My hands my arms my legs
I fact this guy and I are one
My head explodes so remove the plug

CHORUS (bis)
Track Name: Yugal - Enter The Madness
I've come I've seen I've won
I can't breath in the streets
In the city of shame and perversion
You know what it is
You can't look at me like this
Without cerebral consequences
The way of life I want you to live
Is insane but funny

Even if I wanted to hurt myself, my life is sad (Enter the madness)
I believe that you will become a chief, you are so proud (Enter the madness)
Even though darkness tries to catch them, I'm your savior (Enter the madness)
Don't be scared in your mind, 'cause you gonna (Enter the madness)

Your dreams will maybe come true
i want to follow you too
Money will pay your attention
As much as starvation
As a plane in a takeoff
You will be very scared of this
With hate there is never peace
Even less a good sanity


I want to break your neck on the sidewalk
Can you understand what I feel ?
In my memories you couldn't talk
But now for the time you are singing
Beyond the valley through the sea
Your spirit will maybe become free
Now I'm on your side
Let it start

Break my head

Track Name: Yugal - Psychotic
Somewhere, someone collapses
People don't know what to do when death knocks at the door
Ashes are flying in the sky
Psychotic war has begun and kills at every floor

My quest si slowed by lords
These people who choose if you survive of if you die
In a box you shouldn't lock you up
Gimme your hands fasten your seatbelt and walk tall

Along the way (In this hard trip)
Come first with me (I'm psychotic)
Among today (And tomorrow)
I don't promise to be a hero

Hurry up a doom-machine come fast
She is thirsty and wants to drink our sap
Look at me now and run for your life
Follow me or this will be your last goodbye


Come on dance with me right now

In my head, my own world
I want nothing to disturb
Maybe the sky could fall on me
Maybe this part of my life could be unreal
Track Name: Yugal - Fearless Pride
I can't see this shit invade my veins
No disguise can conceal your image
Sunlight is off, I can take off
And run to my goals
No need to practice your assets
You can spit at everybody else
Life is rough, not easy enough
I try to stop your fall

My hate is not a fairy tale
It's not happy at the end
My Fearless Pride
Makes me go to the other side

Do you hear the cry of the black sheep
He tries to dig a big deep hole
In a large overall where he sleeps
And he cleans the wall
Your fear the prick of a killer bee
She stings and you die in agony
I can do the same thing with my finger
Motherfucker !

My hate is not a fairy tale
It's not exactly the same
My Fearless Pride
Makes me go to the other side
Of the vicious and powerfull shame
You'll never join the aim
My Fearless Pride
Makes me go to the other side

I always can be proud
Of what I am or what I wish
Finally you're a coward
As less as a small fish